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Patterson Barber & Beauty Supply carries all off your hair care needs from Markham.  This line includes:

  • Cherry Almond Biotin Shampoo
  • Chelator Therapy (Crème De) Shampoo
  • Quenche Moisturizing Biotin Shampoo
  • Quenche Moisturizing Biotin Shampoo, Banana
  • New Reflections Shampoo
  • RXD Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Biotin-Plus Treatment Shampoo
  • Biotin Instant Conditioner
  • Biotin Finishing Conditioner
  • Protein Hair Remoisturizer
  • Intra-Structure Conditioner
  • Seduction-Moisture Locke
  • Therapy I (For Normal Hair
  • Therapy II (For Chemically Treated Hair)
  • Finishing Spritz (non-aerosol)
      •  Sub-Zero (alcohol-free non-aerosol) 
      •  Sub-Zero “The Real Freeze”
      •  Spree Gelee
      •  Glassy Glaze Sculpting Lotion
      •  Glacier Blue Freezing Gel
      •  Deja’vu Sculpting Spraye
      • Straight Hair Gel
      • Liquid Hair – Protein Reconstructor
      • Artic Mist Revitalizing Spraye for skin and hair
      • Liquid Silk
      • Tri-Pak Treatment System Men (hair loss treatment)
      • Tri-Pak Treatment System Women (hair loss treatment)
      • Biotin-Plus Tonic (Vasodilator)


100% money-back guarantee.

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